FunDrive 2023: Harmony in Community!

This year, CHSR is celebrating both our rich history in the community but also what we bring to it: togetherness, unity and connection!

For over 60 years, CHSR has provided an opportunity for people to hear what Fredericton sounds like, and to present the world to the community. Through hundreds of locally-grown programs, thousands of interviews with local people, performances and celebrations of a multitude of local musicians and bands, CHSR has shown our city the best, newest and greatest our community has to offer.

Inside, CHSR is made up of dozens of volunteers, drawn from both campuses (UNB and STU) as well as members of the greater Fredericton community. We’ve given training, support and inspiration to thousands of people over the years, many of whom either went on to do more media, or found the skills and experiences invaluable to their develop in life.

CHSR-FM is an independent, alternative, non-profit, campus/community radio station. We provide a 24/7 service, both in terms of delivering great alternative programming not available anywhere else, and in terms of providing a venue for public engagement, skills training and community support.

Join us in celebrating our Harmony in Community

In the past year, we’ve had to reduce our space over 40% due to campus demands. That came with a considerable amount of unexpected costs, so we could really use your help to balance our bottom line!


Your donation will help support the continued growth that CHSR-FM has demonstrated for decades, and for the next several decades to come. We are dedicated to expanding service, offering and training for the coming decades as well.

Thank you so very much for your support!

How To Donate


Send digitally through your bank to
StationManager [at] chsrfm [dot] ca

Make a one-time donation via PayPal


Cheque/Money Order

Mail a cheque or money order, payable to
CHSR Broadcasting Inc

c/o CHSR
21 Pacey Drive
Box 4400
Fredericton, NB
E3B 5A3

CHSR-FM Retro T-Shirt Order Form

We’re bringing back our retro logo originally designed by CHSR legend Doug Beairsto! These t-shirts will be individually hand-screen printed by a local artist and they’re only available to order during FunDrive (August 12th-19th). 
<< Fulfillment date: September 2023 >>
* T-Shirts – $30.00
* Shipping (anywhere in Canada) – $20.00 [but we’ll include some other treats in the box to sweeten the deal]


CHSR Mixtape on Bandcamp

Live Now! We love the music community here, and they love us, too. We’re compiling another mixtape of great local music as a way to raise funds, and share great music.

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