Fundrive Video: Brydon Crain & Josh Bravener in Sessions @ CHSR

We love to do a lot of things here at CHSR, including a performance-and-interview series we call Sessions @ CHSR. It’s from that series that we will draw the tracks for the EP perk on our IndieGoGo campaign.

Here’s a mini-example: a great song performance combining the talents of Brydon Crain and Josh Bravener, two wonderful performers who are rarely teamed up like this.


Join us for CHSR’s 2015 Fundrive!

CHSR wants you join in the celebration of campus and community radio that is our annual Fundrive!


Homemade Jams 2015-03-31

Today on Homemade Jams we hear from Toronto’s Language Arts when Bondo had the chance to chat with Kristen, plus a couple tracks off their album. We also hear brand new Tim Chaisson, Chris Smith, The Trick, and Bloody Diamonds! #NewMusicTuesdays


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