(Epic) Episode 58: Gaming Peripherals




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We talk about some of the best and worst gaming peripherals we can remember as well as some more modern ones.



Show Notes

  • Rumble Pack Commercial
  • Virtual World
  • XBox Off
  • Occulus Rift roller coaster push
  • mektek
  • http://www.virtuix.com/
  • http://mektek.net/
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oWu9TFJjHaM
  • http://venturebeat.com/2010/02/26/nothing-new-the-secret-history-of-the-wand-wiimote-and-project-natal/
  • http://www.gamesradar.com/17-weird-gaming-peripherals-and-games-we-want-play-while-using-them/
  • http://www.gameinformer.com/b/features/archive/2010/05/13/useless-peripherals.aspx?PostPageIndex=3
  • http://www.homeleisuredirect.com/blog/arcade-games/historys-craziest-gaming-peripherals.html
  • http://ca.ign.com/articles/2010/09/22/the-most-useless-gaming-peripherals


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Anything Goes 2014-09-16

AGTrack Listing:

1.) Interview with Megan Lane

2.) Megan Lane – Someday We’ll Leave This Town

3.) Hawksley Workman – Striptease

4.) Hallow Moon – Single Life

5.) Keram – Medicated

6.) Shaky Knees – Momma Believed

7.) Jack White – That Black Bat Licorice

8.) Elephant Stone – Knock You From Yr Mountain

9.) Little Wild – Money

10.) Elizabeth Shepherd – What’s Happening

11.) The New Pornographers – Hi-Rise

12.) Imogen Heap – The Listening Chair

13.) Craig Cardiff – Boy Inside A Boat

Episode 308 – Original Sin Review

Listen live!

Marvel’s big summer event, Original Sin, just wrapped up and we’re gonna sit back and tell you what we thought of it.

If that wasn't enough we’re going to be joined by our Senior Marvel Event Correspondent, Wordburglar

All this and pop culture news from the week, join us wont you?

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CHSR 97.9FM Album Chart – September 7 2014 to September 13, 2014


Pardon My French – Episode 4


oktoplutEpisode 4: French Stoner Pop For The Masses


Oktoplut – Fuir

oRCondor – Le vol du condor

Deux Pouilles En Cavale – Courir nu

Les Zerreurs – Bonne Fête

Geraldine – Tambours de guerre

about: – Amour Métastasé

Christine and the Queens – Chaleur Humaine

Le Couleur – Vacances de 87

Yan V – Les Évadés

Lufdbf – Neige au soleil

Like Elliot Did – Petit Pas

Juniore – La fin du monde

Amor Blitz – Ma plus belle psychose

Telex – En route vers de nouvelles aventures

Sébastien Tellier – Ambiance Rio

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