There are so many scammers on these forums who are trying to get money from people. Just my thoughts, of course, some can be legal, and diapoxetine can work, but it has side effects.

Homelessness Marathon 2018

Listen on Thursday for the Homelessness Marathon. We will be joining stations across the country in examining the issues, talking with people directly affected, and discussing how we can all can help to tackle this problem. The marathon runs from 11am to 7pm. (Democracy Now! will still air from 1pm to 2pm.)


Instant Breakfast, Thursday, Feb. 22, 2018

Join me with co-host John Heinstein as we explore New Brunswick’s best underground music!! Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSS | More

Homemade Jams 2018-02-21

Track Listing:  1.) Jane Blanchard – 22 2.) Will Pacey – Away 3.) The Mike Bochoff Band – I Can’t Be Yours 4.) Jaclyn Reinhart – Liam 5.) David R. Elliott – I’m Not Him 6.) Papal Visit – What Makes Him Win Like That 7.) Motherhood – Youngest Fool 8.) Loveland – Light Night Dark Day 9.) Adyn Townes – I Believe 10.) Shaun LB – Dawn 11.) Starving

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RadioU: Amazon vs Fredericton

Where does local business fit in when the world has Amazon? Are millennials buying at home, or are they going online? What are some success stories with businesses in Fredericton. Join RadioU for this and more!


Homemade Jams 2018-02-20

Track Listing:  1.) The Olympic Symphonium – Look At Her Now 2.) The Olympic Symphonium – Choral Voices 3.) The Hypochondriacs – 3/4 4.) The Hypochondriacs – Last Night 5.) Kathleen Gorey-McSorely – Big Fall 6.) Kathleen Gorey-McSorely – Oh 7.) Not You – Soup 8.) Not You – TwoFour 9.) Andrew Moore – Superstition **Interview with Andrew Moore**

TEM Ep.21: Checking out the Bass-ment

Tour Itinerary: First Stop: My Voice Is A Weapon (Instrumental) by Venator off the Singles, Vol.3 Album Fine Dining With An Octopus by King Ruhtra off the album Fine Dining With An Octopus Future Bass District: Tea Time by Aire off the album Original hot milk by Snail’s House off the album Ordinary Songs 2 Takeoff by Visualeyes off the Single Takeoff Chiptune District: Shattering the Vessels by Heos off the album

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